Monday, November 2, 2009

Frustrations and Questions

So this week, we are to reflect on our blogging frustrations, questions, revelations, etc. Here goes.

Not too many, honestly.
I mean, I love food. I don't get sick of writing about it, and I rarely get sick of reading about it. And I most certainly have never neared getting sick of eating it.
Time and energy, on the other hand, are tossing some hurdles in my path. At the end of a long day, all I want to do is veg on the couch with some friends. Even the relatively simple task of perusing the 20 new updates in my Google Reader food section poses a daunting task. And that doesn't even compare to how tiring it sounds to actually read and respond to any of those articles.
And for as long as I blankly stare at the Google Reader screen, trying to mentally drag my eyes along the black lines of type, I stare twice as long as the contents of my fridge. Even steaming some veggies sounds like too much work. "Cook? Now? I'm tired, I haven't been home in 12 hours..." (This is about when the chips and salsa come out.)
So a lot of the time, I'm too tired to find material/write about it.
But when that isn't an issue, all has been going well.

Ever since I was about 7, I tried keeping a regular diary. And failed. Like 10 times over 10 years. I could keep it up for maybe 5 days, and that's it. Daily entries would turn to weekly to monthly to whoa-I-forgot-this-journal-even-existed. Finally, in high school, I realized I didn't owe some debt to the cosmic writing gods that required me to write every day, or even on a regular basis. So I chilled out and wrote in my journal only when I felt like it, and things have been going well (if sporadically) since then.
All this to say, this blog made me realize I can actually keep up with a fairly regular writing schedule. Leave it to food to inspire me to action.
Also, I'm considering starting a music blog. There are two things that can bring me out of a slump in a moment: (1) good food (2) good music. Musicmusicmusic. I realize I never feel my emotions as strongly until I put a soundtrack to them. So, quite literally, music is my life.

Obviously, I find my own blog at least somewhat interesting. My only concern is whether or not you guys do.
So here are the questions I pose to the blogosphere today:
How are the topics of these posts? Do they interest you? What are your favorite ones (recipes, articles, nutrition)?
How's my writing voice? Does it bore you? Annoy you? Make you laugh?
Any other comments or criticisms? Please, don't hold back. I have a tough skin.


  1. If you're thinking about starting a music blog, I'd say go for it. But just remember two things:

    1. A general music blog might be too hard/not enough readership. What kind of music blog were thinking of starting?

    2. Like this blog, you're going to have to make sure you can keep it updated to keep the readers.

    Hopefully that helps. As for the rest of the blog...why not some recipes? I'd be interested to see what to try to make.

  2. I find the voice you use on your blog very amusing. Like when you say stuff like this, "And I most certainly have never neared getting sick of eating it."

    I like posts where you have pictures of food you made. It gets my attention because if it looks good, I might actually make it, whereas if it's just a recipe I'm like, well that might be good. I eat with my eyes, what can I say.

  3. Thanks girl :-)

    That's a good point about the pictures. I'm the exact same way.

    And you're right Jay - I do need to start posting more recipes. Perhaps even some that aren't for bread haha...

  4. Sounds good. If you're looking for more ideas, you could even tell us where you get your ingredients for your recipes (or even the recipes themselves). Are you going local? Like little farmer markets, or Market District or just wherever is most convenient/cheapest?

    Also, I must have missed some of your earlier stuff, like the recipes, so that's why I brought it up. Keep up the good work.

  5. I like you're voice. I'd call it a rebelious at times.

    Personally though, I'm not really a foodie. As you said it's hard to find the time to cook and eat healthfully and it's not something I put much energy into.

    I would be interested in learning some easy recipes that I could make in an afternoon and freeze for easy microwaveable consumption throughout the week.

    Here's a strange idea. What foods go best when listening to which bands? What should I eat when I'm listening to the Velvet Underground vs. Modest Mouse (my musical tastes are pretty basic, as are my food tastes).

  6. Thanks, Ellen :-)

    Noted about the easy recipes. I've been finding that I never think it worthwhile to post about the things I whip up for lunch in like 10 minutes, like spicy red lentils or an omelette or what have you. But maybe those are the things I should be focusing on more.

    Also, that's a really interesting idea about pairing music with food. I don't know that I've ever thought of a correlation between certain foods and tunes before, but I'll think about it and post if I come up with anything.

  7. Yeah, I would be really into ten minute spicy red lentils! That also sounds affordable.

  8. Ohhh I'd forgotten about that recipe. I'll post it.