Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chocolate is Good for Mental Health

Now this is the kind of nutrition I can get behind.

This article explains so much about why I am so chill all of the time :-P

That said, I've decided I need to cut a huge amount of sugar out of my diet. I've been letting my sweet tooth totally go and it's starting to show. Maybe a small bar of dark chocolate should become my daily sweets limit...


  1. Reducing your sugar intake is an admirable undertaking. Last night under the influence of a certain plant I ate a milky way bar, a large kitkat and a bag of m&m's. I can't get into dark chocolate though. MLIA

  2. Yeah I haven't done very well at it so far. I started out great this morning but then had half a biscotti at work. Oh well, tomorrow is a brand new day :-P

  3. Also, whenever I am under the influence of said plant, I tend to make really good egg dishes :-P Recipe for tasty omelette coming soon.